Voip Telephony

VoIP Telephony

The new generation of telecommunications. Integrated telephony solutions for businesses and private users

With Smart-Voip

VoIP or Voice Over IP is characterized the internet telephony (VoIP: “Voice Over Internet Protocol”), which offers voice communications over an internet provider. It is particularly easy to use, with high quality and numerous advantages. VoIP telephony is the new way of digital telecommunications and operation of call centres, with a huge number of supporters that increases rapidly.

By using VoIP telephony, you can speak from/ at different geographical points without limitation… and at extremely low rates.

Smart-Voip has developed for you complete telephony solutions being by your side and creating a user-friendly experience of this modern method! Avoid long distance charges, maintenance fees and charges for incoming calls and take advantage of new possibilities!

What do you need and how does it work

Smart-Voip allows you to subscribe to this service and enjoy the VoIP telephony services!

We are always available to explain you the way VoIP telephony works and adapt it to your needs.

At first, you only need to know the following:

  1. You must have an active Internet connection with every provider you wish! With this connection, we provide you with VoIP phone system and we ensure the stability of your call.
  2. You only have to buy special IP telephone devices, compatible with SIP protocol. You may choose on your own among a wide range available in the market or ask for our opinion.
  3. You must subscribe in Smart-Voip service

Of course, you can keep the current telephone number you have, with a simple transfer of it to Smart-Voip network, otherwise we shall provide you with new number from all over Greece!

The qualified staff of Smart-Voip will always assist you and support your telecommunication needs; Our call services are characterized by high quality and speed in order to enjoy a top telecommunication experience.

We are constantly in contact with our customers… We listen to their needs… We solve any possible problem… And we optimize their services!

Why VoIP telephony from Smart-Voip?

With the aid of VoIP telephony, you continue to enjoy the advantages of an analog telephone line as well as those of a digital/ analog centre, as you knew them until today. Plus, the capacities offered by the Internet are unlimited and are ready to be used by you!

What are the advantages and the benefits of VoIP telephony services offered by Smart-Voip?

  • Reduction of fixed charges for PSTN-ISDN lines. You only need to keep a telephone connection for your company to have access to the Internet. Additional lines are not necessary, and thus you avoid high monthly bills.
  • Call charges are imposed per second and not per minute.
  • Significant cost saving for calls in Greece and to all international recipients, both for fixed and mobile networks.
  • High speed and perfect voice quality all over the world.
  • Unlimited voice channels for your business according to your needs.
  • No limitations for incoming and outgoing calls effectuated by your number.
  • No installation and maintenance expenses for your call centre.
  • Portability of your current number if you wish or creation of a new one.
  • Continuous upgrade and improvement of the provided services.

The above mentioned are only some of the advantages you will have with VoIP telephone for your business. Smart-Voip takes advantage of the possibilities of VoIP telephony for the proper function of the telecommunications systems of your business and the reduction of your operating costs. We take care of the sustainability and growth of your business!