SIP Trunk Technology



Initiation Protocol (SIP) trunk is a service offered by an internet telephony
provider that uses this protocol for Voice over IP (VoIP) connectivity. With
this method, business phone systems can operate using internet connection
instead of a traditional line. Simply put, SIP is a protocol that helps enable
VoIP phone systems.



trunking needs no hardware, such as wiring or circuit boxes. It is just
installed virtually over the existing internet connection replacing the analog
telephone lines. Its main characteristic is that it reduces multiple phone
lines into a single point of entry allowing for quick and easy scaling and
adding of new users with many channels according to your needs.



of SIP Trunk



Trunk offers various benefits to your business:


  • Cost saving: SIP Trunk allows companies to pay only for the number of lines
    they use, while they avoid long distance charges, maintenance fees and charges
    for incoming calls. Thus, you know exactly how much you will pay each month and
    you can do as many international calls as you want to. Forget high monthly
    phone bills!
  • Flexibility: With SIP Trunk, you can easily add new lines or modify services
    because this technology uses virtual connection.
  • Reliability: SIP Trunk with VoIP increases reliability of services by providing
    a level of redundancy. The providers can reroute services to a redundant data
    line to keep your business running.
  • No hardware: SIP Trunk works with most modern phones and needs no new hardware.
    This means it can be installed quickly and on a budget.
  • Additional services: Additional services of SIP Trunking include encryption of calls
    for security needs, interconnection with cellular networks, protection against
    toll fraud, denial-of-service protection, ability to route calls to multiple