Company profile

Our history

Back in 2010, we founded Smartsupport in order to offer high IT services with our year-long experience in this field. Our customers’ benefit is our top priority. We are here for you, to help you grow your business, save money and take advantage of countless potentialities that can make your life easier.


Our vision

Our vision is to provide advanced technology solutions and cover all your businesses’ needs.


Other services

We recognize the rapidly growing needs for cheap, secure and fast communication, and we have the expertise to apply the technological developments in the field of telecommunications. Thus, we created the Smart-Voip service and brought this digital new world into life for the businesses in Greece.

With Smart-Voip

Smart-Voip offers telecommunications through an internet telephony provider (VoIP), mainly addressing to businesses that want to increase their competitiveness. Making use of the various alternatives offered by digital technology, we undertake the determination and planning of your business’ telecommunications needs and we provide you integrated telephony solutions. These solutions cover as well the installation of networks and internet telecommunication systems (VoIP) as the support and upgrade of existing ones. Furthermore, we are aware of all the future trends and therefore we provide virtual call centres (Cloud-Pbx), in order to avoid high costs of conventional telephony and ensuring fast and reliable communication. Focusing on the special needs of every business, we aim to the creation of long-term relationships with our customers, characterized by respect, trust and success. Get to know Smart-Voip, find out the advantages of VoIP telephony, and increase your company’s prosperity by reducing its operating costs.