Cloud PBX

Your call center in the Cloud! Talk from every part of the world, as if you were at your facilities. 

What is Cloud Technology?

In our digital world, the technological developments “show” us… a cloud for the fast growth of our business.

Cloud technology means that the infrastructure, applications, and data of your business may be easily accessed on the Internet. In this way, you enjoy upgraded services, easily and fast… with extremely reduced cost.

Smart-VoIP gives you the opportunity to have your call center in the Cloud, enjoying its services from everywhere.

With Cloud-PBX of Smart-VoIP, you may speak from everywhere, with fast speed, high quality and low cost and with only one Internet connection!

Why Cloud-PBX?

  • Very low charges for VoIP calls within and out of Greece
  • Free calls within Smart-VoIP network
  • Great capacities with only one Internet connection
  • No missed calls for your business, since you can carry your call center always with you, as long as you have Internet access

Capacities of Cloud-PBX

The technology of Cloud-PBX offers the same capacities to those of an analog call center and even more according to your business’ needs:

  • Flexible management of incoming calls
  • Outgoing calls’ management
  • Unlimited number of incoming and outgoing simultaneous calls
  • Unlimited voice channels
  • Voicemail management
  • FAX2Mail
  • Use of your call center on the road, even away from the facilities of your office
  • Conversation & Video Conference with three or more participants
  • IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Incoming calls management through automated voice messages

How to start…

You may get the virtual call center, Cloud-PBX, of Smart-Voip if you have a telephone connection in your business and compatible IP telephone devices. Even from your smartphone or your tablet, you can get profited from this amazing technology!

There is no additional charge for the equipment’s installation or maintenance for the use of Cloud-PBX since it is… on the Cloud! You only need to subscribe for Cloud-PBX service and Smart-Voip shall be responsible for the continuous monitoring and upgrade of your services, as well as for the guarantee of the high quality of voice and significantly/ exceptionally easy management.


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