Call Centers

Special solutions for call-centres

Reduction of your telecommunications cost, increase of the quality of your services!

Business solutions

Smart-Voip, taking into consideration the complexity of the business activity and the need of call centres, to promote the significant role of telephony nowadays, offers integrated VoIP telephony solutions, especially adapted to such forms of businesses. We want to achieve two things: the development of your company and the reduction of its operational cost. Stability, high voice quality and great flexibility are the characteristics of our services.

Nowadays, all businesses search for advanced technology solutions, in order to upgrade and improve the offered services, increase the functionality of everyday activities regarding the company’s communication and of course reduce the operational costs. Therefore, Smart-voip offers significantly low prices for call-centres of all types.


Each partner, taking advantage of integrated telephony solutions of Smart-voip for call centres, may benefit from numerous economic and operational assets to make the most out of its investment in VoIP telephony.


  • No fixed charges for bandwidth lines or for multiple lines
  • Only one Internet line to fully cover all required lines for your business
  • Special rates
  • Unlimited voice channels, without additional cost
  • Call management, as you wish
  • No equipment costs
  • Study of the facilities and your needs, planning of the appropriate infrastructure and configuration of already available infrastructure for the best functionality of your business
  • Provision of telephone numbers from all over Greece
  • Immediate settling of telephone lines and continuous upgrade of services offered


Let’s design together the best VoIP telephony solutions for your Call Centre!
Our development… Your development!